Steps Followed:

1. Find the type of application you want to develop for your serverless website.
2. After researching, I found an application like word processor to use for the website.
3. Found a template on codepen.

  • How to install and configure the Amplify CLI.
  • How to create an API that takes in user data and is called from our frontend.
  • How to add an AWS Lambda function to our API so that data is persisted in Amazon DynamoDB.
  • How to build, deploy, and host the application using Amplify Hosting.
    4. Install npm for amplify cli in application folder
  • Commands used:
  • npm install
  • npm install -g @aws-amplify/cli
    5. Configure amplify and login to your root AWS Cloud account to set up and configure an amplify server.
  • Commands used:
  • amplify configure
  • Configurations:
  • Region used: us-easy-1
  • Username used: user
  • Permissions: AdministratorAccess-Amplify
  • Secret Key: #
  • Access Key: #
    6. Initialize the Amplify framework for the registration application using the following command.
  • Commands used:
  • amplify init
    7. Add REST API for backend
  • Family name: wordprocessor
  • Path: /id
  • AWS Lamda function name: wordfunction
  • RunTime: NodeJS
  • Function Template: CRUD function for DynamoDB
  • Create new DynamoDB table
  • Name: wordprocessor
  • Table name: wordprocessor
  • Edit any configurations or settings: no
    8. Push folder to amplify
  • Commands used:
  • amplify push
    9. Hosting and publish configurations
  • Commands used:
  • amplify add hosting
  • amplify publish
  • Plugin used: CloudFront and S3
  • Environment setup: PROD (S3 with CloudFront using HTTPS)
  • Bucket name: dev