My Name is

James Wolfe



I've taken classes on the AWS Cloud, Linux Administration, and Agile Scrum in order to learn more about technology and expand my knowledge in the field to be able to thrive in a technical professional work environement. I'm continuing to work towards new and more challenging certifications as I move forward like the CSM certification for Scrum.

AWS Cloud Practitioner

Credential ID: 7BEZSG02PNEEQ83D

Linux Administration Boot-camp

Certificate of Completion: ude.my/UC-fcd5c324-ad8c-4b70-a83d-b9712cb3b0f8

Agile Scrum Fundamentals

Certificate of Completion: ude.my/UC-800faeff-a669-4e5b-b802-3cbb834cdd2f

Recent Projects

Project 1

Static Websites Done Four WaysGitHub Repository

Developed and launched four HTML websites utilizing the AWS Cloud, Azure, Surge, and GitHub Pages. Maintained the websites with key services like S3, CloudWatch, Metrics, and Insights. Diagnosed issues by researching AWS white pages, Azure documentations, and the GitHub community. Edited HTML website templates in Atom and created GitHub repositories for the respective HTML, CSS, and Java-Script files. I also followed an agile methodology when working through the project with the website Trello, creating a Kanban board and working through current tasks all the way to completion in a timely manner.


Project 2

Serverless ApplicationGitHub Repository

Deployed an application using AWS Amplify utilizing GitHub repositories and Atom to maintain and develop respective HTML, CSS, and Java-Script files. Connected GitHub repository to Amplify then configured build settings for the front and back end.


Project 3

Raspberry Pi Headless Media Center

To improve my Linux skills, I put together a headless media center using a Raspberry Pi 4, Fender Squier 4 speakers, and Volumio software. Inserting the power supply, SD card, HDMI cable, and keyboard and mouse the Raspberry Pi was now boot ready. Installed the OS and then Volumio software using Linux commands. Then, I connected the Raspberry Pi and Volumio mobile application through bluetooth and created an account. Connected the necessary audio cables and documented all steps followed during the project.


Project 4

Computer Building and Diagnostics

Built and mainted personal and work computers and dianosing issues such as regarding POST, software errors, and system health issues. Resolved issues for peers computers by reseating hardware components, replacing power supplies, and restoring backups. A POST issue I resolved for a peer involving a newly built system was resolved on my third step, reviewing the hardware components. I changed the two DRAM sticks into the correct slots, one being placed one over from the CPU and the other a step further. Gained key skills in Windows Shell, preventative maintaince, BIOS configurations, and hardware diagnostics.


About me

Computer Scientist

Enthusiastic computer scientist and years of computer technology experience with a passion for problem solving and learning. I've advanced my knowledge in the AWS Cloud using services like S3, CloudWatch, and CloudFront. Lengthened my reach in cloud skills launching a website on Azure. Diagnosed and resolved an assorted array of computer hardware and software related issues and I've maintained my skills in communication and teamwork from working in professional work enviornements.

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United States, Northern Virginia