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James Wolfe



AWS Cloud Practitioner

Organization: AWS
Date Issued: July 24, 2020 - July 24, 2023

Linux Administration Boot-camp

Organization: Udemy
Date Issued: March 29, 2022

Agile Scrum Fundamentals

Organization: Udemy
Date Issued: April 30, 2022

Tech Projects

Project 1

Established Computer System

Strategized and executed a computer system set up. Debugged hardware and software issues reseating CMOS and accurately aligning memory when the system did not POST.


Project 2

Raspberry Pi Headless Media Center

Achieved assembling a media center using a Raspberry Pi 4 by mounting Volumio OS to the device, making a blue-tooth hotspot available for connection.


Project 3

Cloud Website PortfoliosGitHub Repository

Two static website portfolios involving the AWS Cloud service S3, IAM roles, and Azure's storage container service. I developed the websites utilizing HTML and CSS and used the project management tool Trello.


Project 4

Serverless ApplicationGitHub Repository

Deployed a serverless website application utilizing AWS Amplify CLI using Linux commands to install NPM. Developed the site with HTML, CSS, and Java-Script. Stored the respective files onto GitHub repository.


Project 5

Website Financial Dashboard with ArraysGitHub Repository

Devised an EC2 static website and implemented ApexCharts with Java arrays to store and propagate data into the financial dashboard. Used technical skills to develop the project for example, devised Java arrays for the bar and line chart quarters, launched a Linux OS EC2 server on AWS, and synchronized my local files with the EC2 instance through WinSCP.


About me

About Me

Some hobbies I enjoy and travel, sports, and reading. I'm a recent graduate with a background in computer technology and customer service. I also have a passion for problem-solving and have the willingness to learn.

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